Why our papayas ripen on the tree

The papayas for Caricol®come from Sri Lanka and there are three reasons for this:

  1. Sri Lanka has been declared a GMO-free zone.
  2. The papayas are certified organic according to EU, US and Japanese organic standards.
  3. A machine peeling and coring process would leave too much material in the sieves. “Our” papayas are peeled and cored by hand so that we get ALL of the pulp. This preserves the valuable ingredients we want in Caricol.



Since 2006, we have been sourcing organic papayas from Sri Lanka, which are harvested only when they are ripe. The peeled and cored papaya fruits are then pureed on site, cooked for a few hours and enriched with oxygen. The entire process of the patented manufacturing method is computer-controlled and recorded according to precise specifications, so that compliance with the process that is crucial for the effect is guaranteed.


To round off the taste, we use organic apple concentrate from Styria, which is responsible for the fruity sweetness in Caricol.