Caricol®-Gastro – ointment for the stomach

Oats and papaya are foods used as traditional remedies in many countries of the world. The patented papaya preparation Caricol® has an acid neutralizing effect in the stomach. The special oat preparation produces mucilage from the fibrous substances in combination with the polysaccharides, which lines and protects the stomach walls.

  • Calms an irritated or inflamed gastric mucosa
  • Alleviates the pain caused by gastritis
  • Alleviates heart burn
  • Organic oats and organic papaya
  • In the form of a purée, filled in hygienic 20g single portions and packaged in boxes of 20 pieces.

Product description

Caricol®-Gastro soothes an irritated or inflamed stomach lining and relieves pain caused by gastritis.

Caricol®-Gastro contains the valuable ingredients of Caricol®, a patented extract of tree-ripened organic papaya, and a patented organic oat preparation.

The patented preparation process releases special ingredients from the oats and papaya that nourish, strengthen and protect the gastric mucosa.

Caricol®-Gastro is a 100% natural product, without added preservatives and dyes. Caricol®-Gastro is pasteurized, contains no thickeners, fillers or soy, and is lactose-free.

Recommended use:

For sustained effectiveness, take Caricol®-Gastro daily for a period of several weeks, preferably before or between meals.

Caricol®-Gastro is best taken pure and undiluted.

  • For gastritis: take 1 serving before the main meal or between meals.
  • For heartburn, take Caricol®-Gastro as needed
  • Caricol®-Gastro can also be taken as a preventive measure to protect the stomach.

The dosage can also be adjusted to individual needs. There are no habituation effects. Caricol®-Gastro is excellent for permanent intake.

As a puree, Caricol®-Gastro is filled in hygienic single portions of 20 g each and packed in boxes of 20 pieces. No additional liquid or container is required for ingestion.
Tear open stick and swipe directly into mouth.
The hygienic individual portions make Caricol®-Gastro easy and safe to take along on trips, to the workplace or to sports.